Contributing Their Voices

Gary Malkin

Partner/Composer/Speaker/Wellness Innovator/Performer

Gary is a multiple Emmy award-winning composer, public speaker, performer, & music wellness innovator who produces strategies for health, wellness, & a more compassionate world. He is dedicated to redefining music’s role in our institutions, with a focus on supporting those traversing life’s significant transitions.

Dolores Huerta

Co-Founder of the United Farm Workers

Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award

Bruce Cryer

Former CEO of Heart Math

Bruce Cryer has been called a renaissance man because of a four-decade career as a Singer, Actor, Dancer, Publisher, Author, Marketing Executive, CEO, Board member, Consultant, Mentor and Coach for Leaders in diverse fields.

Diane Adams

Chief Culture & Talent Officer at Sprinklr

Culture and talent expert Diane K. Adams has devoted her career to building and studying the role of culture in a company’s success. Whether she’s at the helm of a Fortune 500 Human Resource organization or independently coaching and consulting chief executives of smaller organizations, and nonprofits, Diane is a leader in helping companies recognize what’s required to energize their people and to achieve long-term success at the bottom line.

Kerri Kelly

Fighting for Justice

Kerri is the founder of CTZNWELL, a movement that is democratizing wellbeing for all. A descendant of generations of firemen and first responders, Kerri has dedicated her life to kicking down doors and fighting for justice. She’s been teaching yoga for over 20 years and is known for making waves in the wellness industry by challenging norms, disrupting systems and mobilizing people to act.

David Charlton

President of Church Schools in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

CEO non-profit school corporation, 6 schools and 6 separately incorporated 501(C)3 foundations. 4,000 students, 800 employees, 100M annual operations, 300M assets. Assistant VP for Business Affairs at the College of William & Mary - Finance, Administration and Operations.

Elizabeth Bulette

Bulette Consulting: College Governance & Leadership

Higher education practitioner-scholar, Elizabeth is the founder and principal of Bulette Consulting, a firm established in 2010 that advances college and university governance and leadership. Central to her work is the necessary role of shared governance in facilitating organizational understanding, ownership and the implementation of strategic priorities. Elizabeth has held leadership positions on the boards of three private colleges.

Colleen Marie Blackwell

Founder, Win2ition Foundation & Focused Outcomes

Colleen provides Individual Stress Management Solutions & Services through her two 501(c)3 Organizations.

Jeff & Susan Patnaude

Founder, Wingspan Foundation

Jeffrey Patnaude is a transformational business leader, recognized as one of the pioneers of Spirit@Work, a ministry of uniting the world of work and faith. Jeff’s professional dedication for nearly four decades has centered on guiding and teaching others toward a life of fullness through practical and inspiring spiritual practices.