“Effective mentoring systems will be the difference between profitability and failure in virtually every new tech startup.”

Forbes Magazine, January 2014

“Habits of Heroes is a tremendous program…for both the mentor and the mentees! I see it as having the potential to dramatically change our industry- one Hero at a time!”

R. Michael Condrey, CLU, CFP Northwestern Mutual

“In a world that is desperate for leadership, The Habits of Heroes is a powerful and life-altering journey. It guides the participants deeply inside themselves, inside the core tenants of leadership and helps them emerge not only as better individuals and better leader/mentors. Having personally participated in this program, first as a student and then as a mentor with my own cohort of mentees, I have experienced first- hand the power of this journey. Given the incredible need we have for authentic leaders and mentors, the Habits of Heroes will transform our leadership.”

Mike Younkers, Senior Director, Systems Engineering, US Federal, Cisco

“We all have a journey in life and the Habits of Heroes taught me how to get the most out of mine. My experience was inspirational, thought provoking and humbling.”

Rick Pennell, CEO, Metromont Corporation

“I had no idea that I would gain this much insight, when I started this program. The true value is when you discover these lessons are utilized at a subconscious level. It’s amazing how “release attachment to outcome” was such a big part of making the transition. Embrace it.”

Trina Marlow, Sr. Director, Quality Improvement, Ironbow Inc.

“The Habits of Heroes” program was truly life-changing. Obvious yet illusive, the 12 Practices require deep thought and great conversation! There was no greater honor for me than leading my team through this program over the last year though I was intimidated at first about leading a group.  EVERY Practice became meaningful and impactful in my home life and professional career. What a tremendous joy this has been.”

Greg Landers, Senior Airline Pilot

“The Habits of Heroes” is a revolutionary development program that focuses squarely at the heart of People Leadership. My experience in the program awakened me to the life-changing habits that will enable me to effectively lead myself and my team. Habits of Heroes had a profound impact on me as a person and as a leader. Cisco would benefit significantly if all leaders practiced the habits studied in this program.”

Tim Silk, Sr. Manager, Systems Engineering, Data Center, US Public Sector

“It was easy to recognize, after just a few lessons, that The Habits of Heroes is not a year-long class – instead it is a lifelong set of practices that created unbelievable changes for helping me become a stronger leader and mentor.”

Mike McIver, Systems Engineer

“You teach best what you most need to learn.”

Richard Bach, Illusions