The Hero Practices for Showing Up are:
Purpose – Presence – Power


Purpose – You have come to this time and this place for a reason – for a purpose. And because you have a purpose, you are to live this life on purpose – and your purpose is to be here – now – fully – completely. Purpose is the why of life: why we were made, why were knit together in our mother’s womb, why we are here, why we have come to this place… right here, right now.


It is only the distraction of disillusion that keeps you from recognizing your why. Put aside all that is not real – all the barriers to your fullness and claim your why. The world awaits you – the crowd has gathered – you are about to begin.


Presence – is what you bring. By your very nature, change can occur. It is already happening – eyes are awakening – opening to your message –responding to your why with a -what can we do – with a how can we help – where will we start  – when will we begin  – who will be transformed – do you see it – can you feel it? When you walk into a room it is as if there is more air to breathe – more hope to have – more optimism to open the hearts of all who have gathered.  You make a difference – just by your very presence.


Power – is the outcome of your purpose and presence. True power is that of service –  to give rather than get – to serve rather than be served – to empower the powerless – to heal the wounded – to bring good news to the brokenhearted – to free those who are bound –  to raise up the downtrodden – to transform that which is in need.  We have waited for you – all of your ancestors have whispered “Maybe this is the one we have waited for – Maybe this is the one who will break the back of our family dysfunction – maybe this is the one who will make the true difference and be the legacy that is ours to claim”.  Claim your legacy – and claim your power that will unleash it!


Purpose, Presence, Power – These are the Hero Practices for Showing up.